Lali shirt grey

450 AED

Shirt available in one size oversized.
Pants available in sizes XS, S, M.

The washed fabric treatment is unpredictable, each set may differ in tone from the photos presented on the website. The tone of the shirt and pants may also differ from each other.

  • Product composition: 85% Viscose; 10% Silk; 5% Elastane
  • Model parameters: XS / 86-66-96 / 183 cm
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Care Guide for the polymer products.

  1. Up to 5 washes, it is not recommended to wear items dyed with polymer technology with white clothes.
  2. The desired washing temperature is 30 degrees.
  3. Opt for mild detergent when washing.
  4. When stains are formed on the clothes, do not rub the spot. It is necessary to send the item for washing.
  5. Do not iron/steam polymer garments at high temperatures.
  6. Strong interaction-friction may cause dye drift (such as wearing handbags).
  7. Polymer is a chemical treatment of the fabric. The manufacturer does not recommend that these items be worn by children.

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